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Hello Everybody, 


my name is Raketenmieze and i am from the wild south of germany. 

Sometimes i am purring like a little kitty and sometimes I go like rocket on stage. 


A few years ago I fell in love with burlesque because it's celebrating the beauty of all women. In all colours, all sizes and all ages.

So I joined different workshops across germany and met a lot of inspiring performers (Lady Lou, Dixie Dynamite, Mama Ulita, Jade Estaban, and a lot more) 


Then, 2014 there was the turning point. Raunchy Rita asked me:"Would you like to go on stage?" and I said "Oh yes. You pushed an open door." 

So the story began and I started to perform on stage.


And who knows whats coming up next.....


To follow my activities, please take a look at my faceboopage


until this homepage is finished. 

About Raketenmieze